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About us

What drives us is a deep desire to help people achieve their long-term goals for diet and health. We all have different challenges and living habits, so it is important to have a unique plan that is adapted to you and your needs! Whether you want help with weight loss, disease prevention or other nutrition-related challenges, you will be provided with a knowledge-based guide that can be followed for the rest of your life.

I founded Sensible Nutrition after a few years as a lecturer in fasting. A job that has endowed me with understanding and knowledge when it comes to "cleaning up" the body, the importance of eating rhythm and meal patterns, and the biological impact a lack of raw material knowledge can cause. As of today, the health service deals with symptom treatment and focuses little or nothing on the cause of the problem. We want to give you the opportunity to eliminate, or resolve, its root cause.  

By following a few simple tips, we guarantee that you will gain an understanding that a healthy diet does not necessarily mean a complete reversal in your existing diet. Small changes can lead to both your health and self-esteem reaching new heights.


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Silje Pedersen

Bachelor in Nutrition

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