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Dietary Analysis

Do you give your body what it needs to function optimally? 

  • Detailed analysis of the diet based on 3-4 days of diet registration. 

  • Calculation of energy needs.

  • Increased awareness of one's own eating behavior. 

  • Personalized dietary advice.  


Diet analysis gives you an overview of how much energy (kcal) you eat on average per / day, and how much of the energy comes from the various energy-giving food groups ; protein, carbohydrates and fats .  


You will find out if the raw materials you choose contain sufficient vitamins and minerals , or which raw materials you can replace them with as alternatives for a richer nutritional content.

The diet analysis also includes personalized dietary advice adapted for you to get the results you want, and suggestions for changes that help to optimize your diet.  


Small changes can yield great results, and a good overview gives you the opportunity to start a lasting lifestyle change without a complete reversal in your existing diet.

Questions you can get answered in a dietary analysis :   

- Do I eat enough protein ?  

- Should I take supplements?  

- Do I cover my daily need for energy and then some?  

- Can my fatigue be due to vitamin deficiency?  

- Does my meal rhythm have an effect on my energy level? 

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