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Diet analysis

Are you giving your body what it needs to function optimally? 

  • Detailed analysis of your diet based on 3-4 days diet registration. 

  • Calculation of energy needs.

  • Increased awareness of one's own eating behavior. 

  • Personalized dietary advice.  

Price: 105$

30 min online consultation
+ analysis via mail

Investment Chart

Initial consultation

Want to optimize your eating patterns with no strict diets and colorie counting?   

  • A thorough conversation about diet and eating habits where we map out your challenges. 

  • Dietary advice especially related to your unique wishes and state of health. 

  • Motivation and goal-setting.  

Price: 90$

50 minutes

Food Blogger

Follow-up consultation

Motivation and knowledge
along the way 

  • How has it been since last time?

  • Review of developments and challenges since your last appointment. 

  • Together we make changes and adjustments in the plan based on your needs. 

  • Inspiration and motivation.

  • Together we set new goals.

Price: 55$

30-40 minutes

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